Two Ntungamos

Hi Phillip I am unsure if the new edition of UGANDA has been completed yet but if not there are some misleading mistakes in the entries for getting to Bwindi (am doing this from memory) There are TWO Ntungamo – the medium sized town approx midway on Kabale Road between Mbarara and Kabale and there must be a tiny settlement up near Buhoma somewhere. Also the maps in that area are not very accurate and mention places that are not on map. But that one especially is quite important that its corrected as its very difficult for visitors driving themselves. We have some updates on our website for Uganda Lodge (between Itojo hospital and Ntungamo town at Ruhanga – I am hoping that we will get a mintion in the next edition – we now have 10 rooms plus also some camping equipment that can be borrowed. Volunteers this summer have ben welcomed in the village and the local schools. I guess it doesnt help that on I think its the google map – Ruhanga is also in the wrong place. Thankyou Ann


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