Wagtail Eco Safari Camp, Nkuringo

Hello, I was volunteering in Uganda this summer and then went travelling around Uganda with a few friends. We used the Bradt guide the whole time we were there! Whilst travelling we came across a great little hotel/guest house that was being done up as we were there, and had such an amazing time there that I had to email you about it. We went to do a gorilla trek in Bwindi National Park and the group we had visas for were a new group in Nshongi (at the southern gate). I know that most people probably do guided tours but as we were independent travellers we found it wasn’t entirely clear where the different groups are located and that there is more than one entrance to the park. We had orginally booked accommodation near the main entrance but then discovered the group we were going to see were over 220km away from there! We asked around and someone told us about the Wagtail Eco Safari Camp. We rang up enroute and booked in. The owner is Kanyamynya Fidelis, and he was doing up his lodge when we stayed there but he still offered to book us in and we had an an amazing stay there. He is really into community development and runs the Nkuringo cultural centre with actors, singing troupes, dancing, african drumming, craft making. He brought us on a community tour which involved a visit to the local schools, the local hospital, to see a community beehive initiative and to a waterfall. His chef also gave us cookery lessons! It was really great and gave a real African community experience to our trip (which after living for five weeks with a family in rural Uganda I can vouch for!) If you want to get in touch with him his phone number is: +256 755208775 and his email is: kanyamuny@yahoo.com he has a website but not sure if its fully functional yet: www.nkuringo.com My whole experience in Uganda was amazing but he was so welcoming and his staff were great, the memory of our first night there around a bonfire with traditional african dancing and singing will always stay with us. I feel that we came across a hidden gem in Uganda at Wagtail Eco Safari Camp and that many of your readers would also enjoy the experience there. The warmth of their welcome, the interaction with the community, the knowledge that he is working with and for the community and not just for himself, the amazing food, heart touching entertainment and the breathtaking scenery of the village all make it an unimaginable but unforgetable experience.

Thanks, Aine Martin


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