Entebbe, Mityana, Fort Portal

Mityana Kolpong house remains good place to stay Comfortable Water can at times go off but manageable Double en suite 20,000 (quieter at back of building) Otherwise twin 15,000 or single 10,000 Staff are very friendly and very welcoming to Mzungus!

Fort Portal Garden restaurant excellent if you need a meal quickly at lunchtime Excellent Ugandan style buffet for 6,000 without having to wait! Otherwise menu is 3000 for sandwiches 9-10000 for steaks The statue at Fort portal has been removed Perhaps they realized it was historically inaccurate No idea where its gone whether discarded or just repositioned

Mbarara to Masaka road Still ongoing road works Been lasting 4 years plus so need to allow extra time for this section when driving

Entebbe Airport guest house is my favourite Quiet (a real bonus) working hot showers and pleasant environment Current rates $45 single $55 double $75 triple with breakfast Evening meal is a bit pricey at 20000 for whole meal or 15000 for main course Lunch is around 5000 Entebbe flight motel remains surrounded in scaffolding Doesn’t look like much progress from a year ago when we last stayed there Meals are in range 6000-12000 Wildlife centre The front entrance has been completely revamped with donor money Entrance 20000 adult 15000 non ugandan resident Still camera is 1000 and video 5000

Kind regards

Dr Simon Eyre


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