Dining in Jinja

Hi Philip

I just thought I would try to add some useful information to my notes on Jinja.  

Palmtree has closed which is a shame because it was possibly the best mid-priced hotel.


‘Ginger on the Nile’ closed and has re-opened as ‘Reflections on the Nile’ under Ugandan ownership.  Food is good (the tilapia was superb) but sometimes can take a while.  The position is very good with three different terraces going down on to the Nile/Lake.  Reflections is a good name for it (see picture) and sunsets if it is clear (6.42 pm I am told).  From Bridge Street turn down by the side of the showground.


A good new place to eat lunch is ‘Indulgence’ which is right next to the re-located ‘Trend’ Forex on the corner one block behind Main Street at the Biashara supermarket (intersection of Ripon and Iganga I think)  Good patio, excellent sandwiches and home made salads and fresh coffee. A real rival for ‘Source’ and ‘Ossies’.


‘Speke Gardens’ is much better than the ‘Source of the Nile’ and has improved a lot in the last two years.  Peaceful, well kept, and you can get sodas and sit in lovely shade and look at the view.  This is the real historic site, one of the best in the world, but has very few visitors.  I’m not sure that you can still get to it by boat from the ‘Source’ so it means a ride over the bridge and round but well worth it.

Mike Godfrey


One thought on “Dining in Jinja

  1. johnreading@hotmail.com says:

    I have just come back from a trip to Jinja. I thought ‘Indulgence’ and ‘Reflections on the Nile’ were both dreadful! In fact, I found that only ‘Flavours’ is worth going to… The rest of Jinja is rubbish quite frankly (except Gately which is quite expensive). Not worth the stop anymore.

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