Katwe, QENP

Since the Mweya lodge was full, we had to find a place to sleep in a nearby village, Katwe. We stayed in the Express Lodge, a basic family hotel with very friendly people. It was so much fun to sit on our little veranda watching the family doing their business and being brought simple but tasteful local food with a big smile. Don’t expect any luxury, but just simple life and warm people. A good way to experience village life was the tour the Katwe tourist office offered. This office is a little out of the village (straight ahead) and has several local tours. The salt lakes (still the main source of income for Katwe) are certainly interesting. Luckily they helped us to get to QENP, because transport is a problem in Katwe. The taxi wasn’t cheap, but boda-bodas are not allowed in the park so we had little choice. They can also arrange a car for the game drive. The drive to Kasese was a bit of an adventure though with four people on the front seat of a normal car…
Jasper Neyssen


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