Sterling Dental Clinic

I’m a 29 year old women who stayed in Jinja, Uganda since june 2008 for half a year. Just before I went I had my teeth checked, because I have a little iron bar behind my upper and lower frontal teeth to keep them in the right position. Everything was ok so I left for Uganda. Only after four months the glue of the iron bar, which is applied to keep it in place, got thinner and thinner so I was afraid it would get off eventually. I called my dutch dentist and he advised me to have it glued anyway. I looked for a proper dentist in the Bradt Guide of Uganda. And the Bradt Guide advised Sterling Dental Clinic. I called him and of course he could glue the iron bars behind the teeth and would charge me 60.000 Ush for the treatment, upper and lower jaw (which is around 25 euro).

I made an appointment and I went the 3td of October 2008.

Mr. Sterling was very friendly and I discussed with him what I wanted him to do: gluing the outer canines at which place the iron bar is glued at the lower jaw. And I explicitly told him not to glue the teeth in between. For the upper jaw I asked him if he could add some glue at the places he thought were needed. When he had started on the lower jaw he putted extra glue at the places where I requested him not to and failed to put any extra glue at places where he was supposed to. At the end he pushed the iron bar to my teeth and put glue in between, it even hurted me! His comment was that the tooth was moving….At the upper jaw he had put that much glue so that I could’nt close my mouth properly. During treatment I didn’t notice his mistakes.

But after treatment the more…I just wanted to leave and have my teeth checked by a real dentist!

He charged me 140.000, 70.000 for each jaw. I paid him 70.000 and said I would come back to bring the other half. Of course I would not return! When I left he even asked me out!!!! Now I can laugh about it but at that time I thought differently about it.

When I reached Jinja, I was still in panic wondered how could I solve the problem. I went to a local Indian clinic which is well known amongst expats and asked for advice. Fortunately they had a dentist to and he had a look at my teeth. He told me mr. Sterling had really fucked up!

All the teeth were glued together, which is a crime in dental country, and he agreed about the problem of closing my mouth. He had to remove the extra glue between my teeth and my upper jaw so I could close my mouth properly again. Last but not least he had to glue the parts the other dentist had forgotten.

The next day I called mr Sterling to complain about the treatment. He just reacted silly and told me not to worry! I could come back and he would fix everything….

In december unfortunately I had to return to my home country because of the death my grandmother, but I took the opportunity to go to my dentist. Fortunately no permanent damage has been done but he really screwed up!

Al my friends had to laugh when they read this story, so probably you too, but to prevent damage for next clients I would strongly recommend to remove the number of Sterling Dental Clinic in the next edition. So that no harm is done to any other visitor / tourist.


One thought on “Sterling Dental Clinic

  1. Dr. sterling says:

    plz have a look on u tube…fixed retainer ..and you will see who is the idiot…well my consultation is 40 dear you acted like a poor traveler who needed help.other wise do you think anybody would let you go without payment..if you have a guilty consious donot spoil the good deed.i said let me show you out,but the way you write it sounds otherwise..cant forget you..when you are one of the few who owe me money to date.. ask any orthodontist.which and how you go about it or check u tube.cheapstake

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