Jajama Paradise

We’ve received a letter recommending Jajama Panorama Resort on Lake Bunyonyi.  The writer says, “It was by far the best blend of local tradition and comfort we found – with lovely traditional style cottages which were very well fitted out, en suite facilities, etc. The views over the lake were beautiful and it was so relaxing. The staff were very friendly and helpful – including my trying out canoeing.”  The correspondent is Peter O’Reilly, 20 Shelley Gardens, Wembley, Middlesex HA0 3QG.

As the letter is very brief, I didn’t think it worth posting it to you.  He did start off the letter by saying that he found the book excellent and said ‘well done’!




One thought on “Jajama Paradise

  1. Arndt Embacher says:

    recently one of my co-workers visited this location for datacollection for our database at the website “http://www.safari-in-uganda.com”. this place is really brilliant and the staff is perfect.

    Greetings from

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