Important update on Lake Nkuruba

I am an Irish volunteer with Voluntary Missionary Movement (VMM) and my back ground is in community development. I am working for the Diocese of Fort Portal and my job is to promote and market Lake Nkuruba Nature Reserve by upgrading the campsite (see p.324). We have set in place a strategic plan whereby over the next few years the place will be revamped.  The knock on effect will be felt by the local community as the profits will be reinvested back into the parish (this is where I came in). Even in my short stay here the US embassy has agreed to  assist in  replacing  the mud hut nursery school which is next door to Lake Nkuruba Nfunzi campsite. 

I am sure you are well aware of the unsavoury competition between the neighbour’s campsite and ours. He has now developed a technique whereby he pays the taxi drivers to bring our guests to his campsite. He is very shrewd and informs the taxi drivers to place the guests on the right hand side so that they do not see our entrance and when they arrive at his place they think they are at Lake Nkuruba. He has many more sneaky ways of manipulating and misinforming he guests (the nursery school which he claims to run is owned and maintained by our campsite).  We have lost a lot of guests to him but now hope to reverse the situation by aggressively marketing our campsite.

  I know that you update your book every few years but I am hoping you can use your blog to help inform our potential guests on a number of points;

  • There is ONLY ONE ENTRANCE and that is through the blue and yellow gate with the MTN sign.
  • Confirm with Adeline or Patrick (staff) that they have arrived at the correct campsite
  • Please contact staff to arrange transport. mobile no 0773266067


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One thought on “Important update on Lake Nkuruba

  1. Tim Mizen says:

    I have just returned to Kampala from 3 nights at Lake Nkuruba (13/11/08). I would like to add to the comments above. I called in on the much hyped Kabol Tours in Fort portal for advice on where to stay around Nkuruba and was directed exclusively to the new rival campsite (Enfusi) and told it was the original Nkuraba and the only place to stay.

    Fortunately my Boda boda took me by mistake to the original campsite-very lucky for me. It has better facilities, location and is much more friendly-I visited Enfusi out of curiosity and was glad of the Boda’s mistake. The place was empty at this time and only a few bored workers were there to ‘greet’ me.

    I would advise travelers to take the tour companies advice with a big handful of salt and if they wish to stay in Nkuruba (I will certainly be back) go for the original site.

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