Uganda Society Observed

Visitors looking for a general read about contemporary Uganda to complement the travel info in the Bradt Guide are pointed to Ugandan Society Observed, a collection of essays written by Kevin O’Connor AKA “The Roving Eye”, the outspoken columnist for The Sunday Vision and more recently The Sunday Monitor.

The 262 page book collects 111 of Kevin’s best articles, divided into 14 subject chapters (Religion; Sex and Love; Language; Sport; Music; Education; Media; Poverty and Inequality; Health; Tobacco; Gender and Sexual Orientation; Bazungu and Aid; The Environment; Pot Pourri), each of which contains a cartoon by the Monitor’s Moses Balagadde.


Bookshops in Uganda e.g. Aristoc.

WEBSITES include: Michigan State University; Barnes and Noble; Amazon ; African Books Collective

The publisher’s website:


“Forget the travel guide books about Uganda. If you want insight into the country’s media, music, development assistance, foreigners (whites) and sex-life, this collection of articles from the column “Roving Eye” is more entertaining and just as interesting.” Bistandsaktuelt (Norwegian monthly newspaper on Aid and Development)

“Being Ugandan is more than skin deep. After more than a decade of living in Uganda, no matter how blond one’s hair is and how pale their skin is, one is bound to take on all the characteristics of a Ugandan through and through. Kevin has produced a book that anyone coming to Uganda for the first time, and wants to bring themselves up to speed, should buy as a matter of importance.” Sunday Monitor, Uganda

“Agree or disagree with him, this book is guaranteed to give you plenty of good reflection as well as great entertainment” Fr. Carlos Rodriguez, Leadership Magazine

“Ugandan Society Observed is a classic read. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Congratulations to Kevin.” Rachel Magoola (Ugandan Pop Star)


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