Various updates from Andrew Roberts

Andrew Roberts, who updated the 5th edition, has forwarded me a few odds and ends –

1. The ‘turn left’ and ‘turn right’ for getting to Mweya in Queen Elizabeth National Park are mixed up (p. 289) and in #4 (p. 285)

2. We camped in Katonga wildlife reserve last weekend with the goldings, a new experience for all of us. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves in a low key, not remotely like Disneyland sort of way.  Also got a full bird list – 350 spp. Katonga is more accessible from the Fort Portal side, only 40mins south of Kyegegwa, but miles from the Masaka road in the other direction, also its possible to drive round the back to Kanyanchu as an alternate circuit.  I was rather fascinated by the historical aspect since the valley is at least 15 million years old, predating Lake Vic, the rift and the Nile by millions of years.

3. In July 2008, a fatal case of Marburg fever was daignosed, involving a woman who had recently returned from a holiday in Uganda. The travel included a visit to two bat caves in the Maramagambo forest (Queen Elizabeth Park), where she was exposed to fruit bats, which carry the disease. We would thus strongly recommend against visitring the at caves at Maramagambo for the time being.


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